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The Gear To Tag Along During Wetland Delineation

Water levels in some areas is high such that it comes above or just below the soil surface forming wetlands. For the sake of communities living around such areas and in the interest of the state, delineation is required on such areas on regular basis. For a successful delineation process, there is need to have adequate gear for the job.

One of the equipments to have in the process is the best field camera. Being an outdoor activity, the camera needs to posses good outdoor qualities such as being water proof and shock proof. These qualities come in handy to ensure the camera is not destroyed by water or simple falls in the delineation exercise. It also needs to be GPS enabled and have a digital compass and altimeter to ease in finding locations.

Identifying the type of soil on the wetland is a basic step in the delineation process. A Munsell soil color chart comes in handy at this point. This is ideal for identification of the soils type and determination on any mineral deposits in the soil. Despite being an expensive acquisition, it is credited with being the most reliable resource in this venture.
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Walking around the wetland can be risky. Harmful objects and insects maybe lying on the floor of the wetland. Muck bots offer the best protection in this respect. It is of much importance to ensure the pair of the boots selected has a good tread on the bottom and a well protective upper to give utmost protection required while walking around the wetland.
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Of major importance during the exercise is a backpack. With the numerous requirements to carry along, the backpack selected for this enough needs to be large enough to accommodate everything. Despite the need for a large backpack, the need to ensure it is not cumbersome and in such way it will give comfort while working. Further to this it should come in a design that is comfortable to carry along during the exercise even when it entails working for long hours.

Special equipments are required for delineation processes. It is a process that carries a lot of weight to the communities living around the wetland as well as the state though it is not a regular process. Equipment used in the exercise must be of the best quality to ensure they produce factual results and in the same regard handled with utmost care. It is important to research on available options and choose only that which is best and with proven record in this regard. This may be enhanced further through seeking recommendations on the best appliances for the exercise.