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How Useful DNA Testing Can Be. From the discovery of DNA testing the task of human identification and also the determination of relationships between different individuals have been made very easy. DNA testing helps determine if there is a relationship between given individuals and also aids in determining what kind of relationship is there. When it comes to identifying individuals body cells whether dead or alive can be used to identify an individual. Human hair can help clarify on what gender the holder belongs to and also tell something on their ethnicity. Method of identifying people using blood types was used before the invention of the DNA testing method. This was however not a reliable way at all because different people may have the same blood type thus making it difficult to come up with a clear identity. From the invention of DNA testing all fields have preferred it to other means of identification. From the invention of DNA testing technique it was revealed that even if there is a blood relationship between people there can never be 100% similarity when it comes to DNA matter since it is unique in every individual. DNA relies on comparing certain DNA features called DNA markers between two individuals. When the patterns from different DNA samples match, then they are likely to come from the same individual. Complete match of a sample at hand and another indicates that samples belong to the same individual while some degree of matching indicates that the individuals have a close relation. The degree of relatedness between two people is shown by the degree of similarity between their DNA samples.
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Nowadays DNA testing is used to settle both criminal and non-criminal cases. For the two cases DNA testing is performed differently putting in regard the test being done. Verdict declaration in the investigation of crime scene matters is only declared when the DNA matches that of the suspect. Otherwise no claims are valid when the DNA fails to match the suspect.
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For legal cases DNA testing might be used in child support or immigration monitoring. In cases of legal doubt DNA testing helps establish the best platform for identification and establishment of a relation. By DNA testing ethnic background of an individual can be determined. Various parts of the world use DNA testing in child support in the determination of biological parents for the welfare or the child. Such cases present a good example where DNA testing is used legally. DNA testing also works best when it comes to child adoption practices. Whereby adoption in many cases happens on basis of ethnic background. DNA testing helps shed light on the ethnicity of a child during adoption.